Top Questions to Ask Your Agent When Looking for Home Insurance

Questions to Ask About Home Insurance

Don’t forget to ask these questions when shopping for your homeowners insurance.

You wouldn’t go into many purchases without doing your research. The same applies for insurance, too. Being an informed customer helps you to know what homeowners insurance is best for your property and needs. Homeowners should also ask a series of questions before they buy into a policy to ensure that they know what they’re getting.

Here are the three questions that you need to ask your insurance agent.

What is covered and what is excluded?

Homeowners insurance is one of the broadest coverages. Knowing exactly what is included is just as important as understanding your policy limits and exclusions. For example, while flood damage from a burst pipe may be covered, flooding from torrential rain may not be covered.

How much is the personal property in my home worth in the event of a total loss?

Your policy should cover the cost of replacing all personal property if it is stolen or damaged by a covered peril. Many companies provide coverage equal to 50 to 70 percent of the amount of insurance you have on the structure of your dwelling. Conducting a home inventory will help you determine how much coverage you should obtain.

Do I qualify for discounts?

Many insurers offer discounts if a home is fitted with safety devices such as fire and security alarms. If you bundle all of your policies together with the same insurer, you could be in store for supreme savings!

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