How to Secure Trampolines and Patio Furniture in Your Yard

Trampolines and Patio Furniture in Your Yard

Trampolines and patio furniture are all fun and games until the winds pick up.

Part of making the most of the spring and summer months means getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. However, as you know, the New York weather can be temperamental. If winds start to pick up in your area, you will need to secure your trampoline and patio furniture. This can also help to deter thieves from stealing your precious belongings.

Large objects can get carried away by strong winds, and cause damage to windows, fences, roofs, and guttering. It’s a good idea to tack down your outdoor furniture and trampoline, so it stays safe throughout the storms.

Move What You Can

Bring smaller items like potted plants indoors and take down hanging baskets that could crash into windows. If possible, store small patio furniture in your garage. Smaller tables and chairs may be able to fold up and save room on your property while seeking the shelter of a garage. If you haven’t already, cover your barbecue with a high-quality cover and move it indoors.

Anchor Large Items

Anchor and secure larger items such as umbrellas, tables, trampolines, and play structures. There are many ways to secure these objects, such as pegs, rope, chains, and stakes. The basic precaution to take is to secure your trampoline with wind stakes.

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