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What Is and Why do I Need Umbrella Coverage?

Written by Corine Cowles, Personal Lines Manager To err is human; to purchase an umbrella policy is smart. An umbrella policy provides extra liability coverage over, and in addition to, other insurance policies you have purchased, such as commercial insurance policies for your business or personal insurance policies for your home(s), auto(s), and toys (boats, […]

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Be Prepared for National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month! As the weather warms, more and more drivers are beginning to dust off their motorcycles and hit the road. To prepare for this transition, the month of May has been proclaimed Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. This national initiative encourages motorcyclists and the rest of the motoring public to safely […]

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How to Reduce Your Risk of Car Collision: Tips for Bikers

Riding a motorcycle offers a certain freedom that is not found behind the wheel of a car, but it can also be extremely dangerous to ride. Motorcyclists know there is a difference in driving a car and riding a motorcycle. There is a certain freedom that cannot be duplicated nor experienced from behind the wheel […]

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