Ways to Save on Premium

piggy bankWritten by Rose Jerzak, Personal Lines Account Manager

Insurance is something we purchase that we hope we never need. Your insurance policy can protect your investments, such as a new car or your home. One auto accident or large windstorm could cause thousands of dollars in damage … your insurance policy can help with the cost of things like a rental car while your car is being repaired or alternate housing if your home becomes inhabitable.

With the cost of everything rising, insurance is no exception. Let’s talk about a few ways to decrease your insurance premiums.

You may already qualify for some of the discounts available, such as:

  1. Multi-policies (bundling more than one policy with the same insurance carrier) can provide a discount. Home, auto, personal umbrella, motorcycle and boats are a few examples of policy types you may be able to bundle for savings.
  2. You can also lower your insurance premium by increasing your deductibles. Higher deductibles offer lower premiums and deter from placing small claims that can affect your premiums moving forward.
  3. Paperless billing (receiving your bill via email)
  4. Auto-pay your bill directly from your bank account

Home policy discounts may include:

  1. Newer home
  2. Newer roof
  3. Alarm system that is connected to the police or fire department
  4. Water detection alarms
  5. Low temperature alarms
  6. Non-smoking

Also, paying your home insurance premium in full each year can save you from extra billing fees (could save up to $100/year!).

Auto policy discounts include:

  1. Multi-vehicle: Insuring more than 1 vehicle on your policy with the same carrier
  2. Good driver: Having no claims or tickets for a specified period of time
  3. Anti-theft device
  4. Good student: Teens with usually a B+ or above average in high school or college
  5. Away at school: Students at school more than 100 miles from home without a car
  6. Paid in full: Not only do you get a discount for paying in full, but you also save billing fees!
  7. Defensive driving class: Taking a defensive driving course in person or online can be a savings. Check newyorksafetycouncil.com

While we are always looking for ways to save money, never compromise on good coverage to reduce your premium! We always hope that a tragedy will never happen to us … but, if it ever does, you will be glad you made the right choice to protect your family and investments.

Now is a great time to call us to discuss your coverages and the discounts available to you!