Using an Independent Agent for Health Insurance

Tailor your health insurance policy with the help of an independent agent.

meeting an independent agent for health insurance

Everyone’s needs, health, and lifestyle are different. For this reason, buying a health insurance policy that’s designed to cover some of your needs could be a mistake. Fortunately, enlisting the help of an independent agent can help you get your health insurance policy back on track.

Here’s why you should select an independent health insurance agent when shopping for health insurance.


An independent agent is not limited when it comes to choice. They work with a variety of insurance companies so that selecting the right policy for your needs comes easy. This allows you, as the consumer, to pick and choose, and compare rates from all of the top health insurance providers.


The independent agent is not tied to a specific provider. This allows him or her to point out the pros and cons for each of the different companies. In turn, this allows a much more objective opinion which can help you make the right choice.


An independent agent’s service is a valuable long-term resource. He or she will be committed to helping you stay protected and can assist you in conducting annual policy reviews. To them, you are much more than just a policy number.

Leave your health insurance needs in the very capable hands of independent insurance agents, Perry & Carroll. Find us in Elmira, New York where we can help the surrounding residents secure reliable health coverage.