Happy Arbor Day & Earth Day! Let’s Go Green!

Tips for Going Green for Arbor Day & Earth Day

Tips for Going Green for Arbor Day and Earth Day

With both Earth Day and Arbor Day coming up, it is time to go green for April! Our beautiful planet needs us to take action against our carbon footprint before it is too late, emphasizing the importance of going green for these holidays. When you invite eco-friendly tendencies into your daily routine, you can make the world a better place. We highly recommend following these helpful tips for going green for Arbor Day and Earth Day:

  • It is time to make the switch to compact fluorescent bulbs throughout the home and office. This simple switch is one of the most convenient and simplest ways to go green.
  • Rather than plugging in LED electronics into the wall sockets, plug them into power strips, which emit a more efficient flow of electricity. This will also make it so that you can flip the switch on the power strips before leaving the house each day, avoiding any wasteful use of electricity.
  • Did you know that an energy audit can help you save hundreds simply by identifying where you are using the most energy? Your utility company likely offers this service to help green efforts, all you have to do is ask!
  • Most importantly, start supporting local farmers! This will not only make it so that you can indulge on fresher and more sustainable produce, but it will also eliminate carbon emissions that are emitted during the transportation of grocery goods.

Happy Arbor Day and Earth Day! It is time to go green! Contact Perry & Carroll in Elmira for all of your New York insurance needs.