Do I Really Need Wedding Insurance? Yes!

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Ensuring Your Perfect Day Is Worry-Free

With wedding season just around the corner, it is time for those tying the knot to consider wedding insurance. As blissful as it may be thinking about your special day coming to life, it is important that you consider what you would do if the unfortunate were to happen. Wedding insurance is essential to ensuring that you are still able to enjoy your perfect day, even if any problems arise along the way. Wedding insurance provides you with coverage for the following common occurrences:

  • Wedding Venue – How can you have the perfect wedding without the perfect venue? Wedding insurance provides you with coverage should any problems arise with your wedding venue. Should an accident occur at your venue that forces you to reschedule or cancel your wedding, your insurance policy will cover all associated expenses, including tent rentals, reception fees, and flower costs.
  • Weather – Should an unexpected storm rain on your parade, your wedding insurance policy will help to ensure that you are able to carry out your special day as planned.
  • Vendor Issues – Imagine your dismay should one of your vendors not show up at the last minute. Your wedding insurance policy will help to cover the costs of hiring a last minute replacement.
  • Illness – If anyone who is essential to the wedding becomes seriously ill, your wedding insurance policy will cover the costs of rescheduling the wedding.
  • What Is NOT Covered – It is important to note that not all incidents are covered by insurance. Any jewelry other than the wedding rings are not covered by wedding insurance unless you opt for extra coverage, including your engagement ring. Also, cold feet or a change of heart is also not covered by your wedding insurance policy.

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