How to Ensure Safe and Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

How to Ensure Safe and Fun Outdoor Activities for KidsChildren having fun is an important part of their development, but making sure they stay safe assures they have time develop.

When you are planning fun days for your kids it’s important not to lose sight of the “fun”damental needs of your children. As planning evolves, don’t hesitate to run ideas by your risk management representative—especially if you are planning events for schools of children. They can provide valuable input and guidance to best ensure the safety of students and enhance the fun for everybody involved. Here are a few tips to get you started.


The most important safety factor when it comes to inflatables is the day’s wind speed. If the winds exceed 15 mph, inflatables should not be used.


Anything broken, rusty, or rotten should be avoided and reported to the Parks and Recreation department.

General Hazards

Look out for:

  • Damage to fences, benches, and trash receptacles
  • Fallen branches, trees, or signposts
  • Damaged curbs, drives, walkways, and paths
  • Missing playground signs
  • Damage to wooden perimeter barriers
  • Evidence of drainage problems

Fun and playtime are important for children because it’s how they develop the appropriate social cues for their later years, but it’s also important to keep them safe. Contact the independent insurance professionals Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York for the right insurance coverage for you and your kids this summer season.