Holiday Safety Tips: Fourth of July & Fireworks

holding dangerous fireworks - holiday safetyThe 4th of July is a great day for celebration, but some things, like fireworks, should really be left to the professionals.

Independence Day is America’s birthday, and every American celebrates with hotdogs, hamburgers, and fireworks. While not legal in all 50 states, some families celebrate by setting of their own fireworks right in their backyard. While this may sound like fun, every year we hear of someone taking things too far and being victim to a life-threatening accident. One never knows who will be next, especially when dealing with such a dangerous activity like fireworks. Here are some tips you should use when it comes to fireworks safety; with explosives, it’s always best to take the best precautions.

Careful with sparklers

Sparklers are often seen as harmless, but they can be quite the opposite. Each little sparkle that is released from the main body is heated to an average temperature of 2,000 degrees F! The reason you don’t feel that heat radiating from the sparkler is because the mass of the individual sparkle is so low that you really can’t feel it. Don’t be fooled! If left unattended, these can cause some serious fires.

Take Precautions

Don’t wear loose clothing while you use fireworks. Loose clothing can catch flames from the fireworks and cause you real damage. It’s also important never to light fireworks near dry grass or shrubbery, and when possible, launch them away from any vegetation.

Caution is Never Overrated

When you light the fireworks, don’t forget to stand back. If a firework does not go off, do not stand over it to investigate: put it out with water and dispose of it. Carrying a fire extinguisher is never a bad idea either, just be sure you know how to use it.

Fireworks are great for celebrating the Fourth of July, and this 240th birthday of the U.S. is bound to be a great one! With the risk of fireworks, you should have 100 percent of your focus on handling them, the best way to focus is to have the right health insurance. Contact the independent insurance professionals Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York for all of your health insurance coverage needs this season.