What Insurance Does Your College Student Need?

What Insurance Does Your College Student Need?Consider these insurance policies for your college kid.

Back-to-school season is upon us! Parents are busy stocking up on college essentials for their kids, from textbooks to dorm room furniture. Even as a prepared parent, you may be forgetting about an important item to review that isn’t included on any checklist: insurance. Consider these insurance policies to keep your college student safe.

Renters Insurance

If your children are living off campus, you may need to purchase a separate renters policy to protect their belongings. On average, college students bring personal property that is worth anything between $5,000 and $10,000. Crime continues to be a serious issue for college students, so be sure to safeguard their possessions.

Auto Insurance

It’s important for students who have a vehicle on campus to make sure it’s properly insured. If your child will have a car while they are away at college, find out how this may impact your coverage. Depending on where the car is parked, certain areas may be subject to higher coverage rates. In NY, you cannot drop your child from your auto policy, even if they won’t be using a car while away at college. If your college student is leaving their car at home and the college is located over 100 miles away from your home, you may qualify for a discount.

Health Insurance

Currently, children can stay on their parent’s health plan until they’re 26 as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. However, if your kid is attending an out-of-state school, you should check with the insurance company to make sure that there are in-network providers close to the campus. Remember to encourage your kid to carry a copy of their health insurance card at all times.

Does your college kid have the coverage he or she needs? At Perry & Carroll in New York, we can help protect your child with reliable insurance so that he or she can focus on their studies. Contact us for more information.