How to Drive Safely Through Construction Zones

How to Drive Safely Through Construction ZonesKeep these tips in mind when driving through construction.

Even though summer feels as though it’s coming to a close, road construction continues throughout New York and across the nation. The orange cones and warning signs seem like they’re everywhere this time of year, and it’s easy for motorists to become frustrated with traffic delays, rough driving surfaces, and diversions. It’s also easy for drivers to lose sight of the special dangers that any construction site can present. Along with major infrastructure changes, potholes, and equipment on roads during construction, there are many people working on the site that rely on your diligence. Brush up on your safety knowledge with these tips.

Understand the signs. Orange, diamond-shaped warning signs are there to alert you and other drivers to slow down and be cautious around the site. They are usually posted well in advance of road construction projects, so slow down and follow instructions they state.

Respect the flaggers. Sometimes there will be a ‘flagger’ directing traffic around a construction zone. Stay alert and obey their directions. He or she has the same authority as a regulatory construction sign, so you can be cited for disregarding a flagger’s direction.

Pay attention to other drivers and objects. Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and traffic barriers, trucks, construction equipment, and workers. Watch out for sudden stops, merging traffic, and other work zone dangers.

Avoid distractions. Driving through a construction site is not the time to fiddle with the radio or reply to a text (although, it is never appropriate to do these behind the wheel of a car). Keep your eyes on the road and stay focused.

Stay patient. Yes, work zones can add a few minutes onto your journey. Construction sites are inconvenient, but they are necessary to improve roads for everyone and to meet community needs. Keep your cool and stay patient.

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