How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

How to Prepare Your Home for SpringSeasons change and with those changes, we must make the necessary preparations in order for our homes to stand a chance against a changing environment. 

After a rather long and tough winter, the spring has finally come to relieve the cold and give us a bit of warmth. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare your home for the spring season.


Apply this material around your windows and doors in order to ensure that there is a proper seal which only keeps water out, and keeps the cold and warm air in during the hot and cold months, respectively.

Check Roof Shingles

The shingles on your roof work in unison to direct water away from your home. Check the shingles of your roof and look out for any cracked, curled, or warped shingles. If you find some, you need to consider replacing them.

Inspect Gutters

Your gutters funnel water from your roof and away from your home and the foundation. But debris like leaves and litter can collect and clog your gutters, which causes them to spill over and seep into your foundation. Make sure your gutters are clear of any and all debris in order to properly direct water away from your home.

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