Avoid Home Insurance Claims with Spring Cleaning!

Avoid Home Insurance Claims with Spring Cleaning!Spring cleaning is a great way to freshen up the house and shake off those winter blues.

After winter, many homeowners are excited with the prospect of spring. The warmer, lighter, and brighter days are almost on the horizon! As we all know, with spring comes spring cleaning. In addition to making the house feel refreshed by giving it a deep clean, there are a few maintenance activities that you can do that will help to prevent costly homeowners insurance claims. This year, as you’re vacuuming and dusting, take a moment to tackle these areas to ensure your home is ready for the year ahead.

Clean out the dryer lint hose. Check and clean the dryer hose once a year, as some lint can get past the lint trap. A clogged hose not only costs you money by having to run a load of laundry through the dryer once more, it can spark a fire in an instant. Make it part of your routine to clean the lint filter regularly and check the hose.

Change batteries on all detectors. Spring and fall are great times to change out batteries around the house to make sure all detectors are in good working order.

Clean or replace your HVAC filters. Ideally, this task should be done more than once a year. Spring is a good time to remind you to check your HVAC filters, replacing them if they are dirty or clogged. Having a clean filter can help you save money and prolong the life of your blower motor.

Examine windows and doors. Do you have a door that sticks? A window with a loose latch? Check that all windows and doors can be shut and locked properly to protect your property. While you’re at it, inspect the caulking and seams around the windows and doors to look for cracks where moisture can enter and cause damage. If caulking is old and dried out, replace it immediately.

Clean out gutters and downspouts. Gutters and downspouts are designed to direct water away from your property. If they are full of debris and blocked, water may seep through into the house. Be sure that you give the gutters and downspouts a quick clean to remove winter debris and dirt.

Repair driveway and sidewalks. Check outdoor areas for any broken, uneven, or cracked surfaces. Fix as necessary to prevent accidents on your property.

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