Tips for Making Driving at Night Easier and Safer

Tips for Making Driving at Night Easier and SaferTips to help make your night drive easier.

Now that fall is upon us, the nights are drawing in and we’re driving home from work in the dark. When it’s dark, our peripheral vision decreases, depth perception alters, and even familiar roads can appear to be different. In addition to winter weather, such as rain and snow, the dark nights can be incredibly hazardous. As we approach the darker months of the year, here are some tips that will help to make your night drive easier and safer.

Dim your dashboard. If the dashboard is bright, it can make it difficult to see what is happening outside of your vehicle. Consult your vehicle’s handbook to find a way to dim your dashboard so that you can see better while driving at night.

Avoid looking at oncoming headlights. It can be difficult to do, but try to look off to your right side to reduce the time your eyes need to recover from the glare. Keep in mind that if you can’t safely look away, don’t.

Clean the inside of your windshield. You may never notice how many smears you have on your windscreen until you drive at night. Regularly cleaning the inside of your windshield can help to reduce the nighttime glare.

Allow more time for your journey. Avoid pressure by scheduling more time to complete your journey in the dark. Roads, exits, and more can look different in the dark.

Visit the optician. Have your eyes checked regularly for problems that can affect your night vision.

Back off. It’s never a good idea to follow too closely, but this bad habit should be avoided particularly during dark hours and when the weather is bad. Leave plenty of room between yourself and the vehicle in front.

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