Ways to Make Your Business “Green”

Ways to Make Your Business "Green"Making your business go Green may not only save you money, but it will also contribute to saving the planet. 

Our irresponsibility since the start of the Industrial Era has put humanity in a bit of a rut: our world is getting warmer at a rate not seen since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Luckily, some people and businesses are conscious of this and want to make a difference by making their business green. Here are a few tips on how your business can go Green and help save the planet.

  1. Go Paperless – If U.S. offices were to cut office paper use by just 10 percent, it would prevent the emission of 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gasses. If you must use paper, be sure to purchase PCW (post-consumer waste) paper. Paper sourced from recycled waste saves trees and produces substantially less greenhouse gasses.
  2. LED Lightbulbs – Old-fashion filament lightbulbs waste a lot of energy, with a majority of its energy producing infrared light. Switching to LED lights will use energy more efficiently and provide more visible light.
  3. Energy Settings—An excellent way to save money on your utility bill, as well as help the planet, is by using the energy saving settings on laptops and computer monitors. Dimming your screen monitor a bit each day can help your company improve sustainability over time.

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