Are Trampolines and Tree Houses Covered by Insurance?

trampolines or treehouses covered by insuranceTrampolines and tree houses are a staple of outdoor entertainment in the American home, but are they covered by your homeowners insurance?

Sure trampolines and tree houses are fun–what’s not to like about bouncing extra high a few feet above the ground or hanging out with your friends among the trees? But before you let the kids loose, it’s important to know that trampolines and tree houses may not mesh well with your homeowners insurance policy; safety issues are the primary concern that accompanies each of these pieces of entertainment.

Trampoline coverage?

Read your insurance policy or contact your agent to learn terms and conditions that apply to see if any trampoline-related incidents are covered.

No exclusions mean that if a visitor comes over to play and gets injured, the liability coverage may help pay for the medical bills.

Trampoline exclusion states that no coverage will be distributed in the event of an accident.

Tree houses?

Treehouse exclusions are less common than trampolines, but some may still have requirements that apply to these structures.  “High-risk” items that are listed on your policy are best cleared up by calling your insurance agent.

You’re going to need the right homeowners insurance to have you covered, no matter your high-risk structures. Contact the independent insurance professionals Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York for all of your homeowners insurance coverage needs this season.