Who Is Responsible for a Damaging Pothole Incident?

Elmira Auto Insurance and Potholes

Consistent fluctuations in temperature and weather conditions have left us with an increased presence of potholes. If you have ever driven through a pothole, you understand the feeling of hopelessness as it sounds like your tire has completely fallen off. However, there is no need to panic. There are a variety of options you can choose from when it comes to handling your pothole damage, including:

  • If you choose to, you can make a claim against the entity in which the damage occurred. Claims are only considered if the entity has failed to meet the minimum maintenance levels. You are also required to prove that the entity knew about the pothole. These claims are often denied due to lack of substantial evidence and yield a long claims process.
  • You can also choose to file a claim with your auto insurance company. Depending on the cost of damage, it may be beneficial for you to simply pay for the cost of damages on your own. You must take into account your deductible and determine if the damages will exceed that amount. If you choose to file a claim, be prepared to provide photo evidence of both the pothole and the damage to your car. Filing a claim with your auto insurance provider typically takes less time than filing a claim with the entity.
  • Your final option is to pay for the damages out of pocket. This should depend on your deductible and if the damages exceed your deductible.
  • In order to avoid these issues in the future, the entities need your help! Please call or email the entity if you see a pothole in need of repair.

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