What You Need To Know About Insuring Your College Student

Elmira Insurance for College Students

Sending your child off to college requires careful planning and consideration. One factor that many parents fail to tend to is the insurance implications of their new college student’s big move. As their lifestyle changes, so does their need for certain insurance products. We understand you have a lot of planning on your hands and that is why we have gathered the necessary information for insuring your college student:

  • If your child will be living in a campus-owned facility or dorm, they may not need additional insurance coverage. Their personal belongings will be covered under your existing homeowners’ insurance policy. However, it is important to consider the types of items they are bringing with them because your homeowners’ insurance policy will only provide you with limited coverage. You should speak with your insurance provider to see if the coverage will suffice.
  • If your child will be living in an apartment near campus, you will want to purchase a renters’ insurance policy to cover their personal belongings. A renters’ insurance policy will only cost you about $15-$20 a month and will provide sufficient coverage.
  • Will your child be bringing their car with them to college? If so, then you will need to inform your insurance provider. Depending on where they are moving to, you may be able to receive a discount if the city is particularly safe. If you will be paying for your child’s auto insurance for them throughout their college education, you will want to stress the importance of them keeping their grades up so that they can receive the good student discount.
  • If your child will be leaving their car home and plan to only drive it during home visits, you may qualify for a resident student discount. Be sure to inform your insurance provider so that they can take into account the months that your student will not be driving.

Contact Perry & Carroll for all of your insurance needs. Our experienced team can help guide you through the process of insuring your new college student.