Why Utility Line Coverage is a Must

Why Utility Line Coverage is a Must

Don’t wait until disaster strikes – Secure Utility Line Coverage for your property.

As a homeowner, you do your fair share of upkeep around the house. From locking the doors at night to cleaning out the gutters, owning and maintaining a home is no small feat. What most homeowners don’t realize is that they are responsible for repairing or replacing the underground piping and wiring located on their property if damaged. The cost of repairing and replacing underground service lines is costly and not covered under most homeowners insurance policies. Due to this, it is essential to secure Utility Line Coverage.What is Utility Line Coverage?

It provides payment for physical damage, to covered service lines, that is the direct result of a service line failure. Covered service lines are the underground piping or wiring located on your property, for which you are legally liable for repair or replacement.

Covered utility lines typically include:

  • Water piping that connects the dwelling or other structures to a public water supply system, private well system, or retention pond.
  • Sewer piping that connects the property or other structures to a public sewer system.
  • Power lines or electrical wiring.
  • Drain piping that drains water away from the dwelling or other structure.

A utility line failure can include physical damage that results in a leak, break, tear, rupture or collapse. It may also be damaged due to external events, such as tree root invasion, freezing, and deterioration.

A service line failure can be incredibly costly. Excavation costs, damage expenses, and repairs by a professional can total thousands of dollars at the homeowners’ expense. Luckily, Utility Line Coverage can step in when you need it the most. Coverage can help to pay for these expenses, as well as the loss of use of your home while the repairs are underway. So that you keep your money in your pocket, secure this coverage today.

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