When Should Your Spouse Get Life Insurance?

When Should Your Spouse Get Life Insurance?Speaking to your spouse about death is a great way to bring down the mood of the entire room, but you need to do it.

One of these days, Alice . . . Bang! Zoom! You’re going to get a life insurance policy! The Honeymooners aside, death is a very serious issue and grief may not be the only thing you leave your spouse. Debt, funeral costs, and other expenses could ruin your spouse and your family if they are dependent on you for the majority of their cash flow. Here’s what you need to know regarding life insurance and your significant other.

Who needs a policy?

The short answer is everyone who has dependents. When considering your life insurance options, think of what your family would need should your passing come at the most unexpected of times.

How much & for how long?

Consider the following when choosing the details of your life insurance policy:

  • How long will it take for your partner to reach retirement age?
  • How much time is left on your mortgage?
  • How much will college cost for your children?
  • Are there any debts you still have unpaid?

You need to consider all of these when choosing your policy.

Life insurance is no joke, and needs to seriously be talked about with your spouse. We can help! For all of your insurance needs, contact Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York.