Health Insurance Deadlines You Need to Know

Health Insurance Deadlines You Need to KnowMark your calendar for these health insurance deadlines.

It’s not just the holiday season, it’s also health insurance season. Right now, we’re in open enrollment. That means that you can currently buy the health insurance coverage you need for 2016 – but you won’t be able to do so for long! Make sure you’re protected by marking these upcoming health insurance deadlines on your calendar today.

November 1st, 2015: Although it’s already passed, we did want to mention that open enrollment started at the beginning of November.

December 15th, 2015: This fast approaching date is your last day to enroll in a policy so it will take effect at the 1st of the year. You want to do this in order to avoid tax penalties in 2016!

January 31st, 2016: If you don’t get coverage by this date, you’ll need to qualify for a special enrollment period in order to buy an individual health insurance policy in 2016 and avoid the penalties that come with not carrying coverage!

If you still need health insurance during open enrollment, don’t wait to contact Perry & Carroll today! Our Elmira team will work to make sure you have the right New York health insurance policy in place to be completed protected in 2016.