Dawn DePue

I highly recommend Perry & Carroll for all your insurance needs. They have always been great to me and my family. Shelly Cadek was my original agent. She saved me a bunch of money on my home and car insurance in addition to providing better coverage. She met me at a restaurant near my work so I didn’t have to take time away to sign paperwork. She explained the coverage in layman’s terms so I knew exactly what was covered–that was a few years ago. Since then, I have continued to receive great service. This year, Shelley Roff contacted me to advise me that she had reviewed my policy and could save me even more money and increase my coverage at the same time by switching to a different company. I really appreciate that Shelley took the time to review my policy and find me better coverage for a lower price. I don’t know of any agencies that would do that without you prompting them. In addition, if you have anything come up that you need to utilize your insurance, they are amazing and walk you through the process. No other agency would be there to walk you through submitting a claim. Any other insurance agency I have dealt with has handed you the 800-number and told you to call them. I highly recommend Perry & Carroll. I don’t think you can find a better, more caring agency.