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You don’t have to pay for expensive coverage that protects every item you own–you start by picking what you want to protect so that you only pay for what matters most to you.

  • Cell Phone: Get paid to repair or replace your phone when yours is misplaced, stolen, or even accidentally destroyed by you.
  • Personal Electronics: Coverage for everything from laptops to TVs to your gaming console.
  • Camera: Protection for your camera, lenses, and the rest of your kit.
  • Sporting Equipment: From skateboards to hockey sticks, sporting coverage keeps you in the game.
  • Musical Equipment: Protection for your instruments, whether you’re in a garage band or an orchestra.
  • Jewelry: Get ready to pop the question with protection for engagement rings or other special pieces.
  • Handbags: Coverage for your designer labels and favorite daily carry.

Cracked phone screen, lost handbag or broken camera … we’ve got you covered!

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