Tips to Enjoy Halloween and Keep Your Home Safe

Tips to Enjoy Halloween and Keep Your Home SafeMake your home safe for Halloween.

It won’t be long before you are greeted by little ghosts and witches shouting “trick-or-treat!” Whether you’re stocking up on candy for trick-or-treaters or planning on hosting a Halloween bash, make sure your home is safe. We’ve gathered some ideas to get you started.

Secure railings. Young children and adults who accompany them will need the security and support of railings while making their way to your front door. If you have a railing that is loose and rickety, now is the time to get out the toolbox and make sure it’s secure.

Clear the walkways. Clear the paths of any toys, garden hoses, and loose gravel so that there are no tripping hazards for your guests. While you’re at it, walk around the property to ensure there are no cracks or holes in the pathway that could trip someone up.

Light it up. Although a dimly lit entryway will set the spooky mood for Halloween, it also increases the chance of an accident. Make sure your home’s exterior lights work properly and that stairs are adequately visible. If you’re not going to be home, leave your motion sensor lights activated to dissuade unsavory activity.

Avoid candles. Candles may look great in jack-o-lanterns, but naked flames can spell disaster, especially when there are children, pets, and plenty of people around. Instead of tea lights, use LED candles to create the same effect – but without the risk!

Calm your pets. If you have a lot of people over or frequent knocks on the door from trick-or-treaters, your pets might naturally get agitated. The last thing you want is your dog to knock down a toddler or scare a teen into the street. Keep all pets securely confined inside your home until the evening is over.

These tips will help to prepare your home and enjoy your night! Fortunately, homeowners insurance is designed to protect your home and wallet, should the worst happen. For reliable homeowners insurancecontact Perry & Carroll to get started.