The Liability Risks of Attractive Nuisances

Liability Risks of Trampolines, Skateboard Ramps, Swimming Pools

What you need to know about liability risks on your property. 

Do you have an attractive nuisance on your property? Anything that is both attractive and dangerous to young, curious children can be considered an attractive nuisance, making you liable in the event that these elements cause an accident. Homeowners should be aware of a range of attractive nuisances since it is not just dog bite liability they need to worry about.

Common attractive nuisances include trampolines, skateboard ramps, swimming pools, treehouses, and more. However, nearly any condition can be labeled an attractive nuisance if it lures in a child who then gets injured while playing on or around it. The logic is that even if someone has trespassed on your property, you may still be liable if you have failed to take steps to prevent accidents.

As a homeowner, you need to ensure certain safety measures are in place to dissuade children from playing on or around any attractive nuisances on your property.

  • Swimming Pools

Everyone loves a swimming pool in the summer! It offers a great way to cool down and have some fun, too. Unfortunately, all too often, devastating accidents happen in and around pools. Accidental deaths and injuries arising from pools can bring with it steep liability charges if the accident were to happen on your property. If you have a pool, insurers will usually require you to keep it securely gated and locked at all times to prevent trespassing accidents.

  • Playgrounds

From a child’s swing set to a treehouse to a skateboard ramp, these features attract children and are often open to injuries and accidents. Although it’s important for children to be active, providing such items can be just as dangerous. Always be on guard and make sure users are old enough to stay safe.

  • Construction Sites

Are you renovating your home? You may not think that a building site could attract a child and cause injury, but it certainly can. Adults and children alike may not think about the dangers of even walking within a construction site, and they can easily fall prey to the numerous perils within. Do your best to prevent accidents by ensuring the construction crew clear up tools after the end of every day, light it well, and secure the property.

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