The Hazards of Old Electrical Wiring

The Hazards of Old Electrical WiringWhen it comes to your home and its wiring of the electrical current, it’s important to get the most current system available.

Home wiring started in the late 19th century when the very first lights and telephones were first being installed. As the decades went by, technology advanced and better methods became the standard replacing the old ones. If your wiring is as old as Nikola Tesla himself, there may be some issues you will experience if you do not replace them soon. Metals that are used to carry an electric current corrode over time and this corrosion decreases the integrity of the metal. Your home then becomes vulnerable to hazards. Know the dangers of electrical wiring in your home.

Deteriorating Protection

Up to only a few decades ago (70s and 80s) most electrical wiring used rubber protective coating to insulate the wire. This rubber, however, deteriorates over time and crumbles away, leaving the wire exposed. If your house was built before or during this time, it wouldn’t hurt to have a professional evaluate.

Overloaded Easily

Back in the day, the electrical devices that people used were limited to a lamp, radio, telephone, and possibly a television. Now we have multiple televisions, lamps, thermostats, PlayStations, smartphones, multiple computers, and more. This causes a lot of current to run through the wires, and if your wiring is old, it simply was not built to handle this sort of current. Shortages and fires are a real threat, especially if your home uses a lot of electricity.

Making sure that your electrical wiring is current as it allows current is the best way to reduce the hazards that come with handling the power of electricity. Risks, of course, can only be reduced—approaching zero while never actually reaching that number.

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