How to Winterize Your Home While You’re on Vacation

How to Winterize Your Home While You’re on Vacation

Safeguard your property while you’re out of town.

Are you heading to a warmer climate this winter? Whether you’re heading to the beach house for the end of the year or hitting the slopes, there are a few precautions to take to protect your home while you’re away.

Clean the fridge.

Even if you’re heading out of town for a week, take the time to eat/donate/throw away perishable food from your fridge. If you’re leaving for a month or longer, consider turning off your fridge and emptying it entirely. Remember to give it a good clean so nothing can grow in there while you’re away.

Drain the pipes.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on home pipes. Once they freeze, the water expands, causing the whole pipe to burst. Not only does this cause a destructive flood, but a costly one, too. If you live in an area that gets cold enough for pipes to freeze, ensure that you insulate them well. If possible, turn off the water supply, open all faucets, and drain the pipes of water.

Enlist the help of a friend.

Ask a friend or trusted neighbor to check in on the house now and again. He or she can collect the mail, feed pets, water plants, and ensure all is well with the house. Don’t chance leaving a key for them underneath the doormat. Give the key directly to him or her so that your home stays safe.

Turn down the heat.

When no one is in the house, a setting of around 50 degrees is sufficient to keep the pipes running regularly to prevent them from freezing. If you are leaving pets or sensitive plants behind, adjust the temperature accordingly.

Unplug appliances.

Apart from the major appliances (oven, fridge, etc.), you should unplug all appliances and devices. Not only does this help to prevent a fire from occurring, but it can save you money, too!

Review your insurance.

You may be on vacation, but criminals rarely take a season off. Ensure that your homeowners insurance policy has adequate coverage for theft and disasters so that you can enjoy the season away with peace of mind that you’re protected.

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