Easy Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Easy Ways to Prevent Frozen PipesPrevent Your Home’s Pipes from Freezing

The winter is well and truly here, meaning that temperatures are continuing to drop. As the mercury drops, we need to prepare our homes for the inevitable. Frozen water pipes are a primary fear for homeowners in the winter, and for good reason – it’s estimated that pipes freeze in around 50 million homes.

Frozen pipes can lead to water damage, which can cost anywhere from $5,000 and up. Before frozen pipes soak your home (and wallet), take preventative steps now!

Disconnect your garden hoses.

Faucets that service the outside and are hooked up to garden hoses are particular problems in the winter. Prevent these pipes from freezing and bursting by turning off the main water supply that services the outdoor pipes. Next, drain all the water from the pipes by opening the faucet and letting the water run out.

Keep pipes warm.

In cold and exposed areas, be sure to insulate pipes using insulating sleeves. This is a cheap and reliable way to ensure your pipes don’t feel the full brunt of the cooler temperatures. Pay particular attention to pipes that are in crawl spaces. Simply put, the more insulation you add, the less likely the pipes are to freeze!

Fill in draughts.

Ensure you keep the cold air out of your home and garage! Fill in air draughts that leak cool air into these spaces. Remember that it only takes a small crack for the cold air to enter and freeze pipes.

Open cabinet doors.

It’s not unusual for plumbing running to a kitchen sink or an exterior wall to be extremely vulnerable because the wall isn’t insulated. Open the cabinet doors along that wall to project heat into the space.

Turn up the thermostat.

Keeping your thermostat running can help to prevent pipes from freezing. Don’t worry, the temperature doesn’t have to be set to ‘tropical’ either! Even if you’re heading out of town, plan on keeping your heating running at a comfortable 55 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent pipes from getting too cold and freezing.

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