Do You Have Gaps in Your Homeowners Insurance?

Do You Have Gaps in Your Homeowners Insurance?Here’s how to know if you have protective homeowners insurance.

Despite the fact that a person’s home is likely their most valuable investment, homeowners insurance is highly undervalued. As consumers, we get taken up in nickel and diming our auto insurance policies and paying close attention to what is and what isn’t included. Meanwhile, we rarely take the time to ensure our homeowners insurance policy is protective. Be sure you know the common gaps in home insurance policies so that you can reassess your coverage.

Valuable Items

Homeowners policies often have restrictive coverage for valuables, including jewelry, collectibles, art, expensive sporting equipment, antiques, musical equipment, and more. If you have items of high value, you should ensure that your policy adequately covers these possessions. If it doesn’t – add more coverage.

Floods and Earthquakes

Many homeowners wrongly assume that all natural disasters, including floods and earthquakes, are covered under their home policy. While many policies cover damages from theft, vandalism, and fire, events such as earthquakes and floods are not covered. Since the damage can be devastating from these disasters, it’s important to acquire separate coverage.

Home Updates

Have you made home improvements since you last reviewed your homeowners insurance? Many homes across the states are undervalued because they haven’t updated their home policy to cover their current property. With renovations or any other big changes around the house, it’s always a good idea to touch base with your insurance agent. He or she will ensure that your property is insured in the state – and value – that is in currently.

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