5 Ways to Protect Your Home From Power Outages This Season

Steps to prepare your home for a power outage and protect appliances.

When the weather report predicts any type of storm, it’s time to prepare for the possibility of an electrical outage. Most cold-season power failures happen when these storms bring freezing rain and high winds that damage power lines and equipment. It’s when we’re stumbling around in the dark searching for a flashlight that we realize how much we rely on electricity. To prepare yourself, your home, and appliances for any power outages that come your way this season, read on.

Get surge protectors. Think of surge protectors as inexpensive insurance for your costly electronic items. If you have a high-quality TV, it’s worthwhile to purchase a surge protector so that the risk of it being damaged is lower. The same goes for any other expensive (and essential) electronic devices you own.

Power down and pull out the plug. Whenever a storm approaches, take the time to move through your home to turn off and unplug all appliances and electronics. Lightning is able to come into your house through wiring, so disconnecting these items from their power source will protect them from damage.

Prepare a disaster kit. Prepare a bag of essentials for each member of your household, including children and pets. At minimum, your kit should include a flashlight, batteries, bottled water, non-perishable food items, cash, blankets, and first aid supplies.

Protect your home from water. If the cause of the outage is a storm, there’s a good chance that heavy rain – and possibly flooding – will occur. Get a sump pump with a battery backup or a generator. The last thing you want is for the electric sump pump to be out of use and for your basement to fill with water.

Keep your pipes from freezing. Winter power outages also come with the possibility of pipes freezing and then busting. To prevent this, shut off your water and open all faucets to let them run dry. This isn’t necessary for a short outage, but it if lasts longer than a day and the temperatures have dropped, you may want to take this precaution.


These tips can help protect your home and appliances in a power outage. If your home does succumb to damage, you will want to be sure you are protected. Fortunately, homeowners insurance is there to protect your home when you need coverage the most. Visit the independent insurance professionals, Perry & Carroll, for all of your insurance needs in Elmira and neighboring cities in New York.