Why We Invested in Pet Insurance

Written by Kim Eveland, Personal Lines Account Managerpet insurance dogs

Pet insurance has become more necessary as costs increase and treatment options become more available for our fur-children. I have heard firsthand stories of dogs whose owners chose to amputate a leg to fight cancer and told the vet to do whatever is necessary so their companion could return home with them.

My wife and I have had firsthand experience with very unexpected ongoing vet bills. Our first boy, Herby Doo, seemed to the vet to have an affinity for chewing rocks. On his annual physicals, we kept finding broken teeth. There are only so many teeth a young dog could lose so at one point we allowed them to try a root canal on one of his largest back teeth that had fully been topped off.  We had to redo our budget annually to increase what we saved for unexpected vet visits and procedures.

Lucy Lu came to us as a stray whom I met while volunteering at the SPCA. All of 8 pounds, she was in no way intimidated by the larger dogs. Herby needed a sister. He was getting a little too comfortable in the “only dog” syndrome enjoying his naps. She did the trick for sure … but we quickly realized she was likely dumped at the park and not just lost. She kept having accidents that seemed like she had no idea she had to pee that bad. Turned out she, as a puppy less than a year old, had advanced damage to her kidneys. On a regular basis she had to be lightly sedated so they could put a needle through her abdomen into her bladder so we could check her values to see if she needed antibiotics and what kind. “Free catching” a sample of urine on a dog with 1/2 between her and the grass is not possible when it must be a clean sample. Update that budget again. Don’t forget that small dogs tend to lose their teeth earlier–and I dare you to try to brush them!  Update that budget again.

When Baxter came along, we had experience under our belt. He’s 15 pounds so brushing his teeth was not only doable but necessary. Gets done everyday before bed, fluoride in the water dishes, healthy chews (he’s a great chewer). Much like most 2-year olds, EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. His curiosity makes him lick your fingers, shoe bottoms, the asphalt, ants, and anything else that will hold still long enough. He happily selects a stick from our debris bin to chew on and watch birds. Because of this and every toy he has dismantled to get the squeaker (to also dismantle) and then play with the little 1″ plastic squeaker days and days, we decided we better invest in pet insurance. It makes our budget a little more reliable.

It was very easy to get a quote and took about a week to be approved. They check with your vet to make sure there are no pre-existing conditions that may need to be considered. We chose the plan that did not include wellness because we already budget for it, but that would have been a gamechanger if we had it for Lucy as a pup. I would highly recommend to anyone who does sign up to be sure to download the mobile app and the app for the free 24/7 vet counseling provided so you are already set if an emergency happens. You can even download a card for discounts on your pet prescriptions through Walmart and Sam’s Club!  They have a third plan that includes reimbursements that could provide as much as $10,000 a year in benefits! I love that they know that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to our fur-babies!

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