Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Driving Safety TipsThe winter is here and the snows will soon follow; are you aware of these winter driving safety tips? 

Buckle up and brace yourselves: Winter is coming. Winter and snowfall may be a visually stunning site, prime for any Natural Geographic documentary, but these conditions make the roads very dangerous. And if you are unaware of any winter driving tips, then you are not only putting yourself at risk but the others with whom you share the road. Before you hit the road this snowy winter, make sure you take these winter driving safety tips into consideration to keep you safe.

Driving Safety Tips: Winter Edition

  1. Change your tires. Your regular tires weren’t meant to handle snowy and icy roads; they simply cannot gain enough traction. Install winter tires to get the traction you need!
  2. Maintain tire pressure. The ideal gas law states that temperature and pressure are directly linked. As one drops or rises, the other will rise or drop respectively. It’s applied to the atmosphere and tires (and, yes, footballs). Make sure that your tire pressure doesn’t drop below the recommended level with these cold winters.

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