When It Comes to Auto Insurance, What Covers What?

When It Comes to Auto Insurance What Covers What?Auto insurance can be a little confusing to comprehend, especially because of all the many terms that exist within it.

A good running car has many components that must be in proper working condition for it to run well; otherwise, you’re just that person stalled on the side of the road with their blinkers on. An auto insurance policy has similar requirements: all of its different elements must work in perfect collaboration, lest it may not cover you when you need it most. Get to know the details of your auto insurance with this helpful scenario that is sure to get everything straight.

What Covers What?

Imagine a deer has jumped in front of you. You quickly swerve to avoid it, but that only leads to a car accident with a gray SUV.

The couple in the gray SUV: Your bodily injury coverage will cover in the event you are sued by the couple in the gray SUV

The pain in your back and neck: In NY state, personal injury protection will provide coverage for your medical injuries of any occupant of your vehicle

The property damaged: Property damage coverage will cover any property like fences, traffic posts, and the other person’s car that was damaged.

Your car’s damage: If the accident is determined to be your fault, your collision coverage will pay for the repairs or replacement that you car needs—up to, of course—the coverage limits subject to your deductible

It’s important that your limits meet the potential costs that can quickly add up if the accident is bad enough. The right auto insurance policy to keep yourself protected on the road is what you need to make sure those claims don’t break the bank. Contact insurance experts Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York for all of your car insurance coverage needs.