What to Consider When Purchasing Auto Insurance for Teenagers

What to Consider When Purchasing Auto Insurance for TeenagersThey grow up so fast, don’t they? When your child is ready to trade the Hot Wheels for a brand new shiny license, it’s time for you to start thinking about auto insurance for you teen.

Whether you decide to add your teen to your policy or go with a separate individual policy, we’re here to make the transition from learners permit to drivers license as smooth as possible. Deciding between the two may seem complicated and time-consuming, but just imagine a night in which their angsty and whiny music isn’t being played in their room; instead it’s being blasted somewhere else around the neighborhood as they drive with their friends. Aren’t those few hours of peace (and your child’s safety, of course) worth the trouble of reading this short blog?

Two Options for Your Teen & Auto Insurance

Adding them to your policy. Extending your policy to your teen is the most popular choice among parents for many reasons. For one, you can qualify for a multi-car discount for insuring more than one vehicle under the same policy, that would offset the potential cost of adding an inexperienced driver.

Buying a separate policy. Usually plan B for most parents. Choosing a separate policy as opposed to adding them to your insurance usually occurs when the addition is more expensive or you want them to establish their own insurance history.

The right auto insurance policy on the road is what you need to make sure your child is protected on the road. Contact insurance experts Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York for all of your car insurance coverage needs.