The Dangers of Autumnal Driving

The Dangers of Autumnal DrivingThe autumn is a beautiful season, but it does not come without its own unique driving risks. 

The fall is a time to wear comfortable sweaters, watch the leaves turn colors, and eat delicious apple pies. For drivers, the season brings no relief as even the wonderful fall comes with its own set of unique perils. From students to fallen leaves, it’s important to know about these dangers that you can avoid before it’s too late and an accident occurs. Here are the dangers of autumnal driving and how you can avoid them to have the best driving experience and enjoy the beautiful fall season.

  • Back-to-School Traffic – The fall means it’s back to school for all children. That’s hundreds of students around your neighborhood, and that means more pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the mornings and the evenings. Students walk to and from school, so make sure to come to full stops at crosswalks to not run over any kids.
  • Water & Oil – Let’s take a trip down memory lane to middle school chemistry. Your teacher mixes oil and water in the same container, and they separate because oil is less dense than water (polarities come into play, too, but let’s get back to driving). The same thing happens to the roads when it rains. When it rains, the oil residue on the streets floats to the top and makes a thin and slick layer that can make braking difficult. Drive slow and make sure there’s enough room between you and the car ahead of you to give you the best chance of avoiding accidents.

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