How to Protect Your Vehicle from Road Salt Damage

The Hidden Dangers of Road SaltReduce salt corrosion with these basic car care tips.  

Winter in New York is here! The temperatures have dropped and motorists across the state are facing adverse driving conditions. When the weather forecast predicts snow and ice, salt on our roads is a welcome sight. Although heavy-duty road salt is fundamental to our winter road safety, it can have a negative impact on your vehicle over time. To protect your car from road salt damage this winter, check out these tips.

Plan Ahead

Make sure your vehicle has a good wash down and clean as soon as possible. Salt will attack any areas that are not protected with a coat of paint. Before the winter weather continues, now is the time to make sure any scratches, chips, and rust spots are repaired with a primer and coating of paint. Giving your car a wax can help to add an extra layer of protection and make it much easier to wash off any winter dirt and road salt.

Consider Your Wheels

Your wheels are at risk of damage due to heavy-duty road salt, too. Wash off any salt and brake dust as often as possible to reduce the risk of corrosion. Additionally, avoid winter puddles, as they tend to be full of salt water thanks to the salt trucks.

Keep it Clean

After your vehicle has been driving on salted roads, it’s very important to keep your car clean. Washing off the salt can stop the corrosion from setting in. Pay extra attention to the undercarriage of your vehicle where the salt can rust the brake line.


These tips will help you prepare your vehicle for salted winter roads! Along with maintenance, auto insurance will help to keep you protected on the roads. Contact the insurance experts at Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York for all of your car insurance coverage needs.