Defensive Driving Skills You Should Know

Defensive Driving Skills You Should KnowTop defensive driving strategies to use.  

Whether you’re traveling to the local grocery store to taking a cross-country road trip, staying safe on the road is a challenge. Although you can’t control how others drive, you can control how you drive. Part of staying safe as a motorist has everything to do with safe driving habits, defensive driving, and quality auto insurance. To protect your journey, wherever it’s to, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful defensive driving tips.

  • Eliminate distractions.

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous ways to drive. Anything that takes your hands, eyes, or focus away from the road is considered a distraction. Keep your phone out of reach, avoid heated conversations with passengers, and turn the radio off so that you can better concentrate on the road.

  • Maintain a safe following distance.

The greatest chance of collision is usually right in front of you. Maintaining a safe following distance is easily one of the most effective ways to avoid collisions. A general rule of thumb is to leave a three-second gap, but this distance should increase if the road conditions are wet, icy, or slippery or if it’s nighttime and visibility is low.

  • Look ahead.

Knowing what’s down the road can help you to prepare for the worst and effectively respond to the unexpected, especially at higher speeds. If you see that there’s traffic building up in front, you will know to start slowing down rather than speeding up. Not only can this save your brakes by braking gentle instead of at the last minute, but it helps to protect yourself and the vehicle.

Along with safe driving habits, protect yourself on the road with quality auto insurance. Talk to the experts at Perry & Carroll to get your tailored policy in New York.