Challenging Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

Challenging Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

Help to boost your teen’s confidence on the roads.

It’s only natural for parents to be a little anxious when their teen gets behind the wheel. After all, we know the risks and the dangers, but to them, it’s freedom and excitement. Instead of teaching your teen the basics and hope that they pick up confidence overnight, you should work with them to develop their skills in the car. Not only does this get them ready for their driving test, but it helps to make them a better and safer driver.

Here are some skills that could help your teen to improve their confidence.

Drive at night.

For practical reasons, most teens practice driving during the day. However, when they need to drive at night after they have passed their test, many are left fumbling with headlights and struggle to decipher lanes in the dark. Take the time now to practice driving at night so that your teen is that much more prepared for nighttime driving.

Drive longer distances.

You don’t want to overwhelm your teen driver, so you take them on a short journey that will help them get a feel for the roads. While this is all well and good, teenagers should get used to longer drives and further distances. This helps to perfect their skill of concentration for more than half an hour! It’s also helpful to experience new roads, new layouts, and face more challenges that overall make them a more experienced driver.

Test different intersections.

It’s a good idea to practice crossing intersections with your teen driver – we all know some experienced drivers on the roads today that struggle to get in the correct lane and make smooth unprotected left turns. Visit different traffic light intersections so your teen experiences turning left, yielding yellow flashing lights, stop signs, and crosswalks with many pedestrians. All of this practice will help them when they face bigger and more complicated intersections in the future.

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