Apps to Help Your Teen Driver

Apps to Help Your Teen DriverYour teenager is finally learning to spread their own wings and get a new sense of freedom, and driving only adds to that sense.

Receiving their driver’s license is almost like a rite of passage for all teenagers. It brings along new freedoms, but with those freedoms comes great responsibility. While you may trust your teen, you may also want to calm your nerves about their driving–at least for the first few months. Here are some apps that can help your teen driver and give you peace of mind.

You can find these apps in the App Store (iPhones) or the Play Store (Androids).

You pay $14.99 once and the full version of the app is yours forever. This app notifies you of any unsafe driving practices.

Drive Smart
For only $4.99 a month, this app will keep your teen from being distracted while driving when it comes to all phone related things. Drivers can override the lock mode, and parents will be notified when doing so.

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