Winterizing Your Summer Vacation Home

Winterizing Summer Vacation HomeHow to get your summer home ready for the winter season.      

Where did the summer go? Suddenly, it’s already the end of August and we’re all getting ready to start the colder parts of the year.

That likely has you ready to lock up your summer cabin, villa, or other type of home, but before you leave it you need to do a few things to winterize it. Here is a quick look at getting your vacation home ready for the winter.

  • Prepare Your Pipes: Get your pipes ready for the colder months by insulating those that are in your crawl space and attic. Also, put insulation around those that are outdoor. Shut off your water and make sure it has all drained through your pipes.
  • Get The Heat Right: To prevent major issues caused by low temperatures, it’s a good idea to leave your heat on at around 55 degrees.
  • Clear Out Food: Go through every shelf of your kitchen and fridge and remove food. Clean off your counters and wipe out appliances to ensure crumbs don’t attract rodents. While you’re at it, unplug your appliances.

You’ll be able to rest much easier now that your summer home can weather the winter if you have the right insurance coverage for it. Contact Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York to find the right homeowners insurance policy for your second property.