Safely Navigating New York Winter Weather Conditions

Winter Driving Safety ChecklistWinter Driving Safety Checklist

New York winter weather conditions emphasize the importance of partaking in safe habits to ensure safety on the treacherous roads. We want you to remain safe, which is why we have compiled a winter driving safety checklist, fully equipped with a list of things to keep in your car during winter:

  • When it comes to winter driving, the most important thing is to slow down and leave plenty of room in between other cars. If the roads are wet, try to stay in the inner lanes so you do not get stuck in the water build up. Additionally, avoid using your cruise control and try to steer clear of commercial truck drivers and snow plow trucks. Whenever you feel uneasy about the road conditions, simply pull over and avoid them.
  • In order to feel confident that you will be able to recover with ease in the event of an emergency, it is imperative that you have a stocked winter car emergency preparedness kit. This kit should be fully equipped with a first aid kit, winter clothes, blankets, sand bags, jumper cables, a battery operated radio, flashlights, batteries, emergency tire sealant, and of course, nonperishable food and water.

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