The Insurance You Need While Moving

What Insurance You Need While MovingWhen moving, is your personal property protected?    

Whether you’re moving houses or undergoing a renovation, you’ll probably find a time in the future where you have to pack up all of your personal property into boxes. While those boxes are in your house, you know they’re covered by your homeowners insurance. What happens when they head out the door, though?

If your belongings will be in storage but you’re keeping your existing home and consequently your existing coverage for it, give your homeowners insurance agent a call. Generally, your existing policy will be able to extend to your storage unit, but it’s important that you understand the specifics before you move everything over.

If you are moving to a new house, again, your belongings are likely covered in transit. Things get a bit more complicated when moving out of state, so it’s important you contact your agent to understand exactly where your existing coverage starts and stops. It’s insufficient, you can secure a floater for your valuables and trip transit coverage.

You have enough to worry about with packing up your home. Let the New York insurance experts at Perry & Carroll make sure your personal property is protected. Our Elmira team is here to make getting the right policy easy, so contact us today!