College Students: Do You Need Renters Insurance?

Renters Insurance Elmira NYWhat college students need to know about protecting their stuff.  

When you get ready to head off to college, you have a lot to think about. Between organizing your class schedule, buying all of your text books, and coordinating with your future roommates, insurance might be far from your mind. It shouldn’t be, though, or you could find yourself in financial trouble.

The good news is that if you’re living in a dorm room, getting covered is easy! Your parents’ homeowners insurance will cover the belongings you store in your dorm, up to certain policy limits. If you’re taking pricey electronics or other valuables to school, talk to your family insurance agent to make sure they’re protected.

If you’ll be living in an apartment, your parents’ policy can’t go with you. Instead, you’ll need a renters insurance policy. Don’t worry! This kind of insurance isn’t very expensive, and it will protect all of the personal property you keep in your apartment against fire, theft, and other dangers. It also covers your liability, meaning it will step in to cover expenses if you get sued after someone slips in your apartment.

If you are heading off to college or have a son or daughter who is, don’t wait to contact Perry & Carroll. Serving Elmira and the rest of New York, we’re here to get you set up with the insurance you need for the year ahead.