Join Perry & Carroll in Supporting Our Elmira Jackals!

Perry & Carroll Sponsors for Elmira JackalsThere is nothing we love more than supporting our local community. With a staff comprised of your neighbors, our employees are looking for ways to support the community, such as supporting our Elmira Jackals! Perry & Carroll is a proud sponsor of the Elmira Jackals and want you to join us in rooting them on all season long! When the weather begins to cool, there is nothing more enjoyable than dressing up in your hockey gear and cheering for the Jackals!

Home Game Jackals Schedule:

  • November 21st – Jackals vs. Royals
  • November 22nd – Jackals vs. Nailers
  • November 23rd – Jackals vs. Nailers
  • November 28th – Jackals vs. Icemen
  • November 29th – Jackals vs. Icemen
  • December 5th – Jackals vs. Stingrays
  • December 6th – Jackals vs. Walleye
  • December 7th – Jackals vs. Thunder
  • December 26th – Jackals vs. Royals
  • January 9th – Jackals vs. Beast
  • January 16th – Jackals vs. Royals
  • January 17th – Jackals vs. Royals
  • February 4th – Jackals vs. Everblades
  • February 6th – Jackals vs. Cyclones
  • February 7th – Jackals vs. Walleye
  • February 14th – Jackals vs. Royals
  • February 20th – Jackals vs. Fuel
  • February 25th – Jackals vs. Road Warriors
  • March 6th – Jackals vs. Walleye
  • March 13th – Jackals vs. Nailers
  • March 16th – Jackals vs. Walleye
  • March 21st – Jackals vs. Nailers
  • March 25th – Jackals vs. Komets
  • March 27th – Jackals vs. Everblades

Join us in rooting on our Elmira Jackals! Contact Perry & Carroll for all of your insurance needs. As your neighbors, we are always looking for ways to support you!