Open Enrollment Deadlines You Need To Know This Fall

Open Enrollment Deadlines

Mark these open enrollment deadlines on your calendar today!

Fall is officially here, bringing a crispness to the air, pumpkin-flavored everything to our coffee shops and grocery stores, and the chance to get the healthcare you need. That’s right, we’re about to enter another open enrollment period!

So you don’t miss your chance to get the health insurance you need during open enrollment, mark these important deadlines on your calendar.

  • November 1st The first day of next month is the beginning of the next open enrollment period, during which you can buy a new health insurance policy or make changes to your existing coverage.
  • December 15th If you want coverage to start by January 1st (which you should if you want to avoid tax penalties when filing for 2016), you need to get it by this date.
  • January 1st Plans auto-renew for all individuals enrolled in coverage who don’t make any changes to their policies prior to this date.
  • January 31st Open enrollment ends with the end of January.

Do you have questions about the health insurance you should get during open enrollment? You don’t have to navigate the Marketplace alone! Contact Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York to get the right policy for your health and for your budget.