Loss Control Services

Loss Control Services

Safety Awareness in your winery or craft beverage program will ensure its success.

Loss Control Services can help you establish safety guidelines before an injury or loss occurs. Management’s concern and action in establishing safe work procedures increases the overall safety for your organization, along with involving all of your workers from every level. Consider these hints of general recommendations to help you control exposures typically associated with craft breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Control general liability exposures.

  • Train your employees and ensure employees receive appropriate training on their roles and responsibilities, including reporting and correcting any potential hazards they may encounter while on the job.
  • Ensure that your premise is free of any slipping hazards and that exterior lighting is in good shape.
  • Embed visitor and customer safety into all your training, procedures, and practices.
  • If you provide tours, you should identify hazards. An agent can walk around the tour with you and identify these risks to help you be protected.
  • Ensure that your storage, prep, and service areas are designed to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Train everyone and remind everyone of the importance of hand washing and personal hygiene.
  • Avoid placing open bowls of chips/nuts on the counters where they can easily be contaminated with countless bacteria.
  • Clearly mark and separate areas that are restricted to employees only to avoid any potential dangers.
  • Keep your hot foods hot, and your cool foods cool. Use the thermometer to get the most accurate readings.

Keeping losses to a minimum is one of the ultimate goals of a business. When you insure your winery, brewery, or distillery business you can have that peace of mind, and enjoy every sip of your drink. Contact Perry & Carroll, we help businesses operate more confidently by providing them the insurance coverage they need to protect their vital assets.