Put An Insurance Policy On It

Insuring Valuables Elmira, NYFor the sake of your love—and life—insure her ring!

It may not sound romantic to put an insurance policy on an engagement ring, but it could end up saving your life. We’re not entirely sure if it’s metaphorical or literal, but women love their diamonds. Fellas, let’s say she drops her ring in a sewer or the gold/silver portion of her ring gets damaged, and you utter the words, “Sorry, honey. I forgot to insure it. At least our love is forever right?” Let’s not even go into what may happen to you. Ring insurance gives you the peace of mind that you deserve in case of any unfortunate accidents.

Who needs ring insurance?

Any person or couple that has valuable jewelry. This may be for monetary value or sentimental value, an insurance policy is a way of honoring not only their financial value but what they mean and represent. Sentimental value may always be impossible to replace, but it’s better to receive compensation than nothing at all.

How does Ring Insurance work?

You’ll need your receipts and appraisal. If you move after the wedding, make sure to add the rings to your new homeowners insurance policy. If you don’t have a homeowners or renters policy, you can always ask your jeweler if they work with any insurance company to offer coverage on your ring.

If you value and want to protect your marriage, doesn’t it make sense to also protect everything that exists within that bubble (e.g., your home, rings, etc.)? Don’t let the cat get your tongue if your precious ring is damaged or lost, and she asks you if you insured it. To make sure you have the right policy limits on your New York homeowners insurance and have scheduled the valuables that need additional coverage, contact Perry & Carroll in Elmira.