How to Give Back to Your Community

How to Give Back to Your CommunityThis Thanksgiving, make sure you make the time to give back to the community which has given you so much.

When you get into the Thanksgiving vibe, giving can seem second nature to you. Take this giving attitude and spread it to your community. A successful community is based on individuals that unite towards the greater good of everyone in that community–no matter their socioeconomic background. Here is how you can give back to your community.

Donate Food

For you, Thanksgiving may mean a bountiful feast with seemingly endless food. For thousands of families across America, however, it’s just another day because spending extra on food is something they simply cannot afford. Help these disadvantaged families have the Thanksgiving they deserve by donating your nonperishables to a local food shelter.

Share Your Family

If you know of someone who has no plans for Thanksgiving–either because their family is too far away or they’re a foreigner–invite them to your home to share the comfort of a family and food. It’s a small gesture that will mean a lot to that individual.

We at Perry & Carroll hope you get the opportunity to give back to your community this Thanksgiving. Contact the independent insurance professionals Perry & Carroll in Elmira, New York for all of your insurance coverage needs this season.