Understanding Homeowners Insurance & Police Raids

Homeowners Insurance & Police Raids Elmira NY

Picking Up Where Your Coverage Falls Short

With all of the riots and police raids in the news, it is important to think about the insurance implications of these tragic events. On the rare occasion authorities must enter a home in order to further pursue a suspect, unfortunate results may occur, especially when it comes to insurance.  It is important to note that as the property owner you are held liable for any damages that may result in the process, even if you are renting out your home.

Unfortunately, you cannot just say no to authorities when they request access in efforts to catch a dangerous criminal. In helping the authorities during a police raid, you may end up with extensive property damage. Now the question arises, who is responsible for those damages? Despite popular belief, the police are not responsible. However, having a conversation with your homeowners insurance agent about the possibility of this happening ahead of time can help you achieve peace of mind. Depending on the amount of coverage you have under your homeowners insurance policy, you may be on your own if any damage is caused.

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