Liability Risks Of Garage Sales For Homeowners

Insurance Risks Associated With Garage Sales

Hosting a yard sale or participating in a community-wide rummage sale is a great way to provide your possessions with a second life and make some extra cash. However, it is important to consider the insurance risks associated with garage sales. We want to help ensure you have the most optimal amount of liability insurance, which is why we have gathered a few important guiding points for hosting a garage sale:

  • One Time Yard Sale – If you only plan on hosting one garage sale to get rid of some unwanted items, you should receive coverage under your homeowners insurance policy. Make sure to double check that you have enough coverage! Give your agent a call so that you can enjoy your rummage sale with peace of mind.
  • Frequent Garage Sales – Homeowners who participate in frequent garage sales can benefit from purchasing a separate liability insurance policy. These policies will protect you from liability risks, such as an injured buyer on your property.
  • Charity Fund Raisers – Typically, homeowners insurance covers charity fund raisers, but it is always best to discuss any additional insurance needs with both your homeowners insurance agent and the charity.

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